This page was last updated on Monday, 28 June, 2004

list #1: top ten root beer brands
(thanks to my brother Jeff for pointing out that I needed to point out my root beer list to everyone)

10. Brick Oven I know tons of people love Brick Oven pizza and root beer, but I've always hated both. My negative relationship with Brick Oven may explain why I didn't fit in very well at BYU.
9. Barq's Barq's has a weird pruney back-taste that is really annoying. Can't stand it. Unfortunately Barq's is another really powerful libation -- probably the most popular thanks to Coca-Cola.
8. IBC Tastes a little too backwoods.
7. Albertson's/Marquee/ Smith's/Shasta/Sam's Choice etc. All the generic brands aren't too bad. They're especially nice when we have drinking games and we don't want to shell out 30 bucks for 10 liters of Weinhard's
6. Dad's I never knew my dad, but I hear he actually loved this stuff. Root Beer technology has made some incredible advances since his passing, though.
5. Hires The old commercials were great. Hires is cool 'cuz it emphasizes frothiness. Of course A&W eventually did it a lot better.
4. Weinhard's It's a very high class root beer. One can't drink it all the time though, partially cuz it's so expensive. It's also incredibly yeasty, so one might get some kind of oral yeast infection.
3. Mug This is probably the sugariest of the bunch, which definately isn't a bad thing. It's one reason why I frequent Teriyaki Stix. Mug and Barq's are really the only root beers served in restaurants around here. I try to boycott as many places as I can that serve Barq's cuz the difference between these two brands is staggering.
2. A&W A&W is a near-perfect blend of Hires froth and Mug sweetness. For parties, it's gotta be A&W over Barq's.
1. Ramblin' Do you know how long it took me to find an image of an old Ramblin' can? Unfortunately my favorite root beer doesn't exist in Utah anymore. I'm not even sure if it exists anywhere. If I remember right, its strength was in its mountain-man hardiness rather than its sweetness. It kind of had this weird flowing quality. Still sweet enough though.